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    Museum & exposities

  • Jutters museum
  • Slikwerkers museum
  • Redding dobbepaarden 2006
  • Expositions and museum

    There is a wide collection from sea washed ashore objetcs obtained by the the Bildtse butsoeker Leendert Ferwerda. You can see in the museums all kinds of objects like: buoys, liferescue vests, shoes, bottlemail etc.  If you want the “butsoeker” can give you a tour arounde the museum telling you all kinds of stories about the objects.

    Statue art “Smooth & roughly”
    Otto & Ineke Postma expose near the Juttersmuseum statues of serpentijn, alabaster, Chinese and Brazilian bacon stone. These statues are also for sale. On application you can take part in a workshop baconstone carving

    Nature and landscape photographing
    In the large room and hall photographs are hangingg from Aukje Vellinga and Piet blokland. They show unique panoramas
    , landscapes and historical photographs of the winning of land from the sea.

    Old tools
    If you want to know what tools wer used in the old time you can see lots of old farmer tools on the walls.


    Bútsoeker Leendert Ferwerda

    Otto Postma


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